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ViMove+ equips clinics and sports professionals with advanced movement analysis technology, using wearable sensors and biomechanical assessment tools for precise, real-time tracking of client and athlete movements. This clinical-grade system delivers immediate, objective biomechanical data, facilitating the creation of FDA-approved, data-informed treatment plans tailored to individual needs for effective injury prevention, rehabilitation, and sports performance enhancement.

How it works

The ViMove+ app guides you where to put the medical grade sensors (2-4) on the lower back and legs. 

The AMI Module, Run Module, and Knee Module measure movement, speed, cadence, balance, core control, and asymmetries to provide an overall assessment of movement. 

Screen healthy patients or patients returning from injury and receive an instant report.

Return on investment for clinics & gyms

By integrating advanced movement analysis technology and wearable sensors for physiotherapy, clinics and gyms can pioneer data-driven injury management, boosting referrals from healthcare professionals. Enhanced biomechanical assessment tools and sports performance improvement devices improve patient outcomes, fostering trust and satisfaction. This, coupled with targeted outreach programs using the latest in physical therapy tracking wearables, amplifies patient referrals, showcasing a significant return on investment through advanced healthcare solutions and objective biomechanical data collection methods.

The results

Immediately after assessment, ViMove+ delivers a concise report pinpointing any movement dysfunctions, supported by TGA and FDA-cleared objective biomechanical data from advanced wearable sensors. This clinical-grade motion analysis tool also suggests corrective exercises, enhancing rehabilitation progress, sports performance, and musculoskeletal health monitoring through real-time feedback and biomechanical data collection.

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Frequently Asked Questions

ViMove+ is a state-of-the-art solution integrating advanced movement analysis technology and wearable sensors for comprehensive biomechanical assessments. It serves a dual purpose: enhancing sports performance through detailed analysis devices and supporting physiotherapy with clinical-grade motion analysis tools. The system is designed for the precise collection of objective biomechanical data, offering insights into physical activity tracking, running gait, low back pain management, knee rehabilitation, posture analysis, and more. ViMove+ is instrumental in monitoring musculoskeletal health, providing real-time feedback for injury prevention, rehabilitation progress, and exercise form analysis, making it a crucial tool for healthcare providers and sports professionals alike.
ViMove+ harnesses advanced movement analysis technology, enabling healthcare practitioners to conduct comprehensive evaluations across various bodily functions. With modules like the Athletic Movement Index (AMI) and specific assessments for running, it provides a robust framework for analyzing sports performance and physical therapy needs. ViMove+ is expanding its capabilities to include assessments for low back, knee, balance, and neck, ensuring a wide range of biomechanical issues can be addressed. Through wearable sensors, it offers objective data collection for biomechanical assessment, aiding in the prevention, monitoring, and rehabilitation of injuries, thereby enhancing athlete safety and recovery outcomes. This tool’s adaptability and precision make it an indispensable resource in clinics, offering professional movement tracking solutions tailored to individual needs.
ViMove+ stands out for its remarkable portability, designed to be easily transportable for professionals on the go. Its compact carrying case, which can fit into your pocket, contains all the necessary advanced movement analysis technology and wearable sensors. This feature enables physiotherapists and sports professionals to conduct clinical-grade motion analyses and biomechanical assessments anywhere, without the need for bulky equipment. The ease of setting up and using the wearable sensors for a variety of assessments, from running gait analysis to posture evaluation, makes ViMove+ a versatile and convenient tool for real-time movement feedback and health monitoring.
Assessments with ViMove+ can take anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes, depending on the chosen evaluation. This efficiency is a testament to its advanced movement analysis and wearable sensor technology, allowing for quick yet thorough biomechanical assessments and real-time feedback.

Upon completing an assessment with ViMove+, users receive a comprehensive report featuring custom exercises designed to address identified imbalances. These corrective exercises and rehabilitation solutions are meticulously devised to accelerate recovery, enhance musculoskeletal health, and improve overall sports performance, leveraging the system’s objective biomechanical data collection and analysis capabilities for targeted intervention.

The cost of ViMove+ varies based on the chosen subscription level, starting from a competitive range of approximately $150 to $350 per month, ensuring options to suit different needs and budgets. For detailed pricing and to find the best fit for your requirements, it’s recommended to contact our customer service for personalized assistance.

ViMove+ utilizes clinical-grade motion analysis and objective biomechanical data collection through its state-of-the-art wearable sensors. The technology is backed by rigorous testing and validation, ensuring high accuracy and reliability in its assessments. This solid foundation enables healthcare providers to make informed decisions and develop targeted interventions for rehabilitation, injury prevention, and performance improvement, based on precise and trustworthy data.

ViMove+ is versatile, designed for use by a broad range of professionals including physiotherapists, sports scientists, chiropractors, and orthopedic specialists. It’s equally effective in diverse settings, from clinics and hospitals to sports teams and training facilities, offering comprehensive movement analysis and performance improvement insights.

ViMove+ prioritizes user-friendliness with an intuitive interface and straightforward setup process. It’s designed to be accessible for professionals with varying levels of technological proficiency, ensuring that integrating advanced movement analysis into practice is as smooth and efficient as possible. Support and training materials are also readily available, aiding new users in maximizing the benefits of the system.

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