ViSafe Return on Investment with Matt May

Learn how data captured with wearable sensor technology can help inform the decisions you make to reduce manual handling injury in the workplace. 

Watch our online event hosted by Matthew May, General Manager dorsaVi Ltd, as he talks through an example of how a large retail supermarket chain utilized ViSafe to validate their assumptions from injury statistics and refine workplace practices, in an effort to reduce injury rates and absenteeism. 

In this demonstration, we will show you: 

  • How technology and our ViSafe service capture real-time data 
  • Examples of typical outputs 
  • How the data is used to identify, analyze and prioritize injury risks 

In addition, we will help you understand the benefits of data analysis and how you can build a business case for change to help mitigate injury risk.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us below!

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