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Transportation key benefits

/ Increased employee engagement

/ Foresight through data analytics

/ Persistent refinement

/ Preemptive risk mitigation

/ Real-time awareness

/ Data-fuelled decision-making

Data insights captured

Harnessing advanced analytics and real-time monitoring, data-driven insights

are transforming the transportation industry

Repetitions of Movement
Overseeing and fine-tuning repetitive motions is essential for averting repetitive strain injuries and improving overall efficiency.

Vibration (Whole Body Vibration & Hand-Arm Vibration)
Capturing data that allows for a comprehensive assessment of the potential impact of vibration on worker well-being.

Range of Movement
By gauging joint flexibility and restrictions, you can pinpoint restrictions within a worker’s range of movement.

Video Synced with Data
The seamless synchronisation of captured video with collected data offers a complete view of a transport worker’s activities.

Sustained Positions
Tracking extended postures informs workers and employers in recognising positions that could potentially cause harm.

Physical Exertion
Precisely measure the degree of physical effort involved in transport related tasks to minimise the risk of injury.

Proportion of Time in Risk Zones
Analysing a worker’s time spent in high-risk areas can assist in implementing preventive measures.

Muscle Activity (EMG)
Evaluating the levels of muscle engagement during job tasks aids in recognising instances of worker overexertion or muscular imbalances.

Worker Fatigue
Effectively monitoring and addressing worker fatigue is essential to prevent injuries, as it notifies both employees and supervisors about tasks that are of higher risk when workers are tired.

Using ViSafe+ in the Transportation Industry

Transform the transportation industry with our innovative workplace solution. By incorporating wearable technology and data insights, we enhance operational efficiency while reducing the risk of injuries. ViSafe+ provides in-depth ergonomic analysis, streamlining tasks, and prioritising employee well-being, ultimately boosting productivity and fostering a safer work environment in transportation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The placement of ViSafe+ sensors is determined by the package you opt for. They can be positioned on the spine, lower back, shoulders, and arms, and they are adaptable to being worn directly on the skin or fastened over clothing with a strap or clip.

The implementation of ViSafe+ in your business offers several key advantages. It provides safety professionals with accurate and objective data for analysis, leading to a significant reduction in manual handling costs (30-40% reduction), enhanced workforce engagement, the establishment of a positive safety culture, lower work-related injury frequency rates, and increased productivity with reduced risks.

The most common assessments capture lumbar spine and shoulder activity, combining data from movement and muscle activity. For more detailed assessments, sensors can be applied to the neck and forearms to quantify range of movement and muscle activity.

ViSafe+ offers a range of insights based on your subscription package. These insights include data related to physical exertion, worker fatigue, muscle activity (EMG), data synchronized with video, repetitions of movements, range of movement, sustained positions, proportion of time in high-risk zones, and vibration (Whole body vibration (WBV) & Hand-arm vibration (HAV)).

dorsaVi has secured ISO 27001 certification, a global standard in information security. We aim to keep all data secure and confidential.

The investment required for ViSafe+ is based on the subscription level you choose. ViSafe+ offers four pricing tiers: Lite, Insights, Premium, and Consulting. The pricing begins at $12/assessment per worker for our Lite product, to $500/month for our Premium product. If you need assistance in choosing the right product for your needs, please feel free to contact our customer service team today!

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