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The Right Equipment for the

MSDs may occur suddenly because of a single event of overexertion, however, more commonly occur as a result of seemingly innocent, but harmful repetitive movements performed over…

Creating Safer Workplaces...

dorsaVi specializes in the development of wearable sensor technology and proprietary software used to measure movement and muscle activity in real time and in real life situations.

Managing MSD Risk in the COVID-19 Econom

As the world slowly emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that the virus will change numerous aspects of our day to day lives. One element is clear. “Social distancing” will be the

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Retail key benefits

/ Enhanced workforce involvement

/ Forward-looking data analysis

/ Improve productivity

/ Anticipatory safety measures 

/ Instantaneous information

/ Decision-making guided by data

Data insights captured

Harnessing cutting-edge analytics and real-time tracking, data-fuelled
insights are reshaping the retail landscape.

Repetitions of Movement
Tracking and evaluating recurrent movements to unveil patterns that may heighten the risk of injury.

Vibration (Whole Body Vibration & Hand-Arm Vibration)
Capturing data on whole body and hand-arm vibrations during retail-related activities.

Range of Movement
Measuring joint flexibility and constraints to pinpoint potential limitations in the range of motion for retail personnel.

Video Synced with Data
Live synchronisation of recorded videos with collected data offers a comprehensive understanding of workers movements.

Sustained Positions
Continuously observing extended postures to assist retail workers in recognising discomfort-inducing positions.

Physical Exertion
ViSafe+ accurately quantifies the level of physical exertion required during routine retail tasks.

Proportion of Time in Risk Zones
ViSafe+ examines the duration spent in higher-risk positions, enhancing safety insights tailored to the retail sector.

Muscle Activity (EMG)
Assessing muscle involvement levels during retail tasks aids in the detection of worker overexertion and imbalances.

Worker Fatigue
Effectively managing worker fatigue is vital for injury prevention, as it alerts retail staff and supervisors to tasks posing higher risks due to fatigue.

Using ViSafe+ in the Retail Industry

Transform the retail landscape with our innovative workplace solution. By integrating wearable technology and data insights, we boost operational efficiency and reduce injury risks. ViSafe+ provides in-depth ergonomic analysis, optimising tasks and prioritising employee well-being. Elevate productivity and foster a safer retail environment through our tailored solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The positioning of ViSafe+ sensors is contingent upon the package you select. They can be attached to the spine, lower back, shoulders, and arms, and they are versatile enough to be worn directly on the skin or fastened over clothing using a strap or clip.

ViSafe+ offers significant advantages to businesses. It provides safety professionals with accurate and objective data for analysis, resulting in reduced manual handling costs (30-40% reduction), improved workforce engagement, the establishment of a positive safety culture, decreased work-related injury frequency, and enhanced productivity with lowered risk.

In a standard assessment, the lumbar spine and shoulders can be assessed. For more detailed assessments, wearable sensors are applied to the neck and forearms to measure range of movement and muscle activity.

ViSafe+ can collect a range of data insights depending on your subscription package. These insights include data related to physical exertion, worker fatigue, muscle activity (EMG), data synchronized with video, repetitions of movements, range of movement, sustained positions, proportion of time spent in high-risk zones, and vibration (Whole body vibration (WBV) & Hand-arm vibration (HAV)).

dorsavi has invested heavily in obtaining ISO 27001 certification, a global standard in information security. Our goal is to protect all recorded worker data to the highest standards.

The pricing for ViSafe+ is contingent on the subscription level you opt for. ViSafe+ offers four unique pricing levels: Lite, Insights, Premium, and Consulting. The pricing begins at $12/assessment per worker for our Lite product, to $500/month for our Premium product. If you need assistance in choosing the right product for your needs, please feel free to contact our customer service team today!

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