Physical Therapy and dorsaVi Technology

It’s 2018 and the benefits of technology are endless, especially at SportsLab NYC, where we use technology to provide maximum results for our physical therapy and training clients. Our one-on-one, 60 minute model combined with the great expertise from our physical therapist and sports medicine team makes for a win-win scenario. Add the technology based approach and you’ll find yourself receiving the best physical therapy in NYC!

The SportsLab NYC facility, specifically our physical therapy services, incorporate the dorsaVi Movement Suite: A sensor-based technology screening, which allows our physical therapy team to objectively measure how you move. It is used to obtain data about our clients to create the best recovery plan possible, track progress and effectiveness over time. Particularly, we use ViPerform, which provides objective data to accurately asses risk of sport injury, guide athletic training and recovery programs and help determine when it’s safe for athletes to return to sport. The testing uses wireless movement sensors to provide cutting-edge gait analysis, both on and off the field.

SportsLab NYC Physiotherapist and Sports Specialist, Kimberly Jolly, says “the dorsaVi testing is so critical as it measures to the exact degree of anterior, posterior, medial, lateral and rotational measurements.” This helps with a number of different initiatives when assessing a patient, Kim says. She listed the top 3 below.

  1. Prediction of Injury
  2. Outcome measures for treatment –> before / after progress
  3. Assessment tool to determine direction of treatment for Physical Therapy

dorsaVi tells us exactly how their ViPerform technology works below, which gives you a taste of how things are done if you plan to come to our New York City facility for the testing:

“ViPerform’s sensors can be used on a range of anatomical locations. The sensors adhere to the skin using low irritant, disposable adhesive pads. The movement and the muscle activity sensors send a stream of data to a tiny Recording and Feedback Device (RFD). When the RFD is connected to a computer via a USB cable, the ViPerform software is able to analyze a live feed of information. This can be used to do quick in-clinic assessments as well as providing immediate visual feedback for movement retraining. With the RFD disconnected from a computer, the device continues to record data. This allows for the athlete to be monitored for up to 24 hours outside of a training facility. The RFD can be programmed to give customized biofeedback to the athlete to alert them when they make an undesired movement.”

After our physical therapist attaches the wearable sensor technology to your skin, we will then guide you through a number of simple movement exercises, depending on the individual. What’s especially unique about the dorsaVi testing is that it detects movement issues that would otherwise not be apparent to the eye. This allows our physical therapy team as well as personal training team to develop a custom rehab and/or training program based on your test results. Thanks to dorsaVi’s literature, you can read a bit more about each test below.

We are able to perform the ViPerform assessment a number of different ways, depending on what we are testing for and the problem areas for the patent. The Run Assessment is used to measure things such as leg symmetry, average ground reaction force of the L & R leg, average initial peak acceleration, average ground contact time of L & R leg, average steps per minute, Total distance, Average speed and time. The knee movement tests include a number of squat variations to measure tibial inclination, Valgus and Varus range of movement as well as Valgus and Varus speed. The Hamstring tests include active and passive straight leg raises which measure active and passive range of movement. The last test that can be performed is the functional movement test. This includes exercises such as hurdle step, incline lunge, overhead squat, push-up, bird dog, planks,  flexion, extension and rotation. These functional movements give our team the ability to analyze your range of and quality of movement, as well as deviation from start position. This gives you a little taste into what you can expect during your dorsaVi test when you come to SportsLab NYC for your physical therapy needs.

dorsaVi puts it best: “Use of the dorsaVi running system allows us to quantify movements that put athletes at risk for re-injury in a very sensitive, efficient and reliable way.”

Whether you’re looking to improve performance with your training, are an older athlete, want to prevent injury or manage an existing injury, SportsLab NYC is the place to go for your dorsaVi sensor based technology assessment.  To get started with the best physical therapy and sports performance personal training facility in Manhattan, shoot us a message today!

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