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Workplace safety remains a top priority, but safety managers are now focusing more on reducing injuries and costs, enhancing productivity…

The Workplace Services Team at dorsaVi Limited (“dorsaVi”) analyse hundreds of hours of sensor data and video footage on a monthly…

If you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle when it comes to managing workplace Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs)…

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Construction key benefits

/ Enhanced employee involvement

/ Predictive data analytics

/ Ongoing improvements

/ Preventive risk management 

/ Immediate access to data insights

/ Decisions driven by data analysis

Data insights captured

Embracing real-time data analytics, the construction sector is undergoing a paradigm
shift in its practices, fostering efficiency and sustainability.

Repetitions of Movement
Tracking and quantifying repetitive actions offers insights into movement patterns, aiding in the identification of potential injury risks in the workplace.

Vibration (Whole Body Vibration & Hand-Arm Vibration)
ViSafe+ captures whole body vibration (WBV) and hand-arm vibration (HAV) levels during work-related tasks, ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Range of Movement
By assessing joint flexibility and constraints, we can identify limitations in a worker’s range of motion, contributing to a safer work environment.

Video Synced with Data
Live synchronisation of recorded video with collected data offers a comprehensive view of a worker’s movements, providing valuable insights for safety measures.

Sustained Positions
Constant vigilance on prolonged postures helps identify workers positions that may lead to discomfort or strain, promoting better ergonomic practices.

Physical Exertion
ViSafe+ accurately quantifies the level of physical exertion during daily tasks, aiding in injury prevention strategies.

Proportion of Time in Risk Zones
ViSafe+ analyses the duration workers spend in higher risk positions, offering insights to enhance safety protocols.

Muscle Activity (EMG)
Assessing muscle activity levels during work tasks helps identify worker overexertion or imbalances, contributing to a safer workplace.

Worker Fatigue
Monitoring worker fatigue is essential to prevent injuries and identify high-risk tasks during periods of fatigue.

Using ViSafe+ in the Construction Industry

Transform the construction landscape with our advanced workplace solution. By integrating wearable technology and data-driven insights, we amplify operational efficiency while mitigating workplace risks. ViSafe+ delivers in-depth ergonomic analysis, optimising tasks and prioritising the well-being of your workforce. Elevate productivity and cultivate a safer, more dynamic construction environment with our tailored solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The placement of ViSafe+ sensors is contingent on the package you decide on. You have the choice to attach them to the spine, lower back, shoulders, and arms. These sensors can be worn directly on the skin or secured over clothing using a strap or clip.

ViSafe+ is a valuable asset for businesses because it offers safety professionals and management precise and objective data for analysis. This data can lead to a significant reduction in manual handling costs (30-40% reduction), increased workforce engagement, the establishment of a positive safety culture, lowered work-related injury frequency rates, and enhanced productivity with reduced risks.

The standard assessment will capture objective data for movement and muscle activity on the lumbar spine and shoulder. For more detailed assessments, sensors can be placed on the neck and forearms to measure movement and muscle activity.

ViSafe+ provides a variety of data insights, depending on your subscription package. These insights include data related to physical exertion, worker fatigue, muscle activity (EMG), data synchronized with video, repetitions of movements, range of movement, sustained positions, proportion of time in high-risk zones, and vibration (Whole body vibration (WBV) & Hand-arm vibration (HAV)).

dorsaVi’s data privacy and security is a high priority for the company. All data captured using dorsaVi products complies with ISO 27001, a global standard in information security.

The fee structure for ViSafe+ is based on the subscription level you choose. The four pricing levels include: Lite, Insights, Premium, and Consulting. The pricing begins at $12/assessment per worker for our Lite product, to $500/month for our Premium product. If you need assistance in choosing the right product for your needs, please feel free to contact our customer service team today!

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