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to measure movement and muscle activity
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Revolutionary Wearable

to measure movement and muscle activity
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Revolutionary Wearable

to measure movement and muscle activity
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Rapidly assess movement and muscle activity anywhere, anytime.
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Discover our medical-grade software and wearable devices featuring advanced sensing technologies tailored for precise biomechanical assessments. Our sensors, including pressure sensors and temperature sensors, are ideal for a wide range of applications, from Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) testing to athletic performance analysis. These developed wearable sensors are designed for both in-clinic assessments and extensive outreach programs, addressing significant challenges in health status monitoring and ensuring long-term well-being. Enhance health and safety with technology that enables early detection and real-time monitoring, improving human movement and ensuring ergonomic wellness in every environment.


Introducing our industrial software and wearable sensors for comprehensive manual handling assessments. Perfectly suited for diverse workplace environments, our solutions include pressure sensors and temperature sensors, ideal for both office settings and safety construction wearables. Our advanced sensing technologies facilitate the identification and mitigation of workplace risks, addressing significant challenges in health status monitoring. Elevate workplace safety with our developed wearable sensor technology, designed for early detection and real-time monitoring to improve ergonomic practices across all types of work settings, ensuring long-term well-being and enhanced operational efficiency.

Unlock new dimensions in movement science with our advanced research software and wearable sensors, offering a rich library of algorithms for dynamic movement assessment. Our sensing technologies, including pressure sensors and temperature sensors, are chosen by top-tier researchers for their ability to generate high-quality data. This technology is pivotal in advancing understanding of body movement assessment and health status monitoring. Our developed wearable sensors address significant challenges in ergonomic analysis and early detection of movement issues, setting new standards for wearable technology in human movement research and beyond. Experience real-time monitoring and long-term benefits with our comprehensive sensor solutions.

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As pioneers in movement assessment tools, initiated by a renowned physiotherapist, our mission is to deliver medical-grade sensors and software, including pressure sensors and temperature sensors, that meet the rigorous demands of clinical, sports, and workplace safety applications. Our wearable devices, recognized for their reliability with FDA and TGA clearance, are the backbone of dynamic movement assessments worldwide. Utilizing advanced sensing technologies, our developed wearable sensors address significant challenges in health status monitoring and ergonomic analysis. Upholding ISO 27001 standards, we are the trusted choice for organizations prioritizing workplace sensor technology and athletic performance analysis, ensuring early detection, real-time monitoring, and long-term benefits.

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dorsaVi is at the cutting edge of wearable sensor technology, revolutionizing motion analysis and biomechanics through our comprehensive suite of wearable devices and software solutions. Our innovative products, including pressure sensors and temperature sensors, are expertly designed to monitor human movement and posture, offering precise movement assessment capabilities. Utilizing advanced sensing technologies, dorsaVi’s developed wearable sensors are instrumental in optimizing movement patterns, pinpointing injury risks, and boosting athletic performance. Whether enhancing workplace safety through ergonomic sensors, aiding physical therapy movement analysis, or elevating sports equipment with advanced sensor technology, dorsaVi is dedicated to improving quality of movement and health outcomes in diverse settings. Our solutions are utilized across a spectrum of applications, from clinical assessments to workplace ergonomics and athletic movement analysis, ensuring early detection, real-time monitoring, and long-term benefits.
dorsaVi technology offers a multitude of benefits across a wide range of applications, making it an invaluable tool for individuals and professionals alike. For athletes, our wearable devices provide dynamic movement assessments, fine-tuning performance, identifying potential injury risks, and guiding training regimens for peak physical conditioning. Healthcare providers, including physical therapists and clinicians, leverage our medical-grade sensors, including pressure sensors and temperature sensors, to obtain precise data on patient movement patterns, facilitating targeted rehabilitation strategies and monitoring recovery progress. In the realm of workplace ergonomics, employers and safety professionals utilize dorsaVi’s wearable ergonomic sensors and workplace sensors to design safer, more productive work environments. These advanced sensing technologies reduce the risk of work-related injuries and enhance employee well-being. By offering detailed insights into human movement and health status through real-time monitoring and long-term data, dorsaVi empowers users to make informed decisions, leading to improved health outcomes, enhanced athletic performance, and safer, more ergonomic workplaces.

dorsaVi’s innovative technology spans multiple industries and sectors, significantly impacting healthcare, sports science, and workplace ergonomics. In healthcare, physical therapists and clinicians employ dorsaVi’s medical-grade sensors, including pressure sensors and temperature sensors, for detailed movement analysis in physical therapy. This aids in the diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of patients with various musculoskeletal conditions. Athletes and coaches in the sports sector utilize the technology for athletic movement assessment and body movement assessment, optimizing performance and reducing the risk of injury through tailored training and recovery programs. Additionally, in the realm of workplace ergonomics, dorsaVi’s advanced sensing technologies support organizations in identifying and mitigating ergonomic risks, thereby enhancing workplace safety and productivity. By providing wearable sensor technology for monitoring human movement and posture, dorsaVi serves an essential role in advancing health, performance, and safety across these critical areas.

dorsaVi’s dedication to staying at the forefront of wearable sensor technology and motion analysis is underpinned by a robust commitment to innovation and continuous improvement. Our approach involves a proactive exploration of the latest advancements in biomechanics, ergonomic sensors, pressure sensors, temperature sensors, and movement assessment tools. This ongoing quest for knowledge is spearheaded by our team of experts, who are deeply embedded in the research and development of new methodologies and technologies.

By actively participating in athletic movement assessment and movement analysis physical therapy communities, attending conferences, and collaborating with leading researchers and practitioners, dorsaVi ensures that our products not only meet but exceed the current standards of excellence. This dedication to incorporating cutting-edge techniques and findings into our solutions allows us to offer our users—ranging from healthcare providers to athletes and workplace safety professionals—the most advanced, data-driven insights for optimizing movement, enhancing performance, and preventing injuries. By leveraging advanced sensing technologies, dorsaVi continues to lead in providing innovative wearable devices for real-time monitoring and long-term health benefits.

dorsaVi is committed to ensuring that all users, whether they are healthcare professionals, athletes, coaches, or workplace safety managers, can fully leverage the potential of our wearable sensor technology and software solutions. To achieve this, we offer a multifaceted support and training program designed to empower our users at every step of their journey with dorsaVi.

Training Resources: Our extensive library of training materials includes detailed user manuals, online tutorials, and video guides that cover everything from basic setup and operation to advanced features and analysis techniques. These resources are tailored to meet the needs of various user groups, ensuring that whether you’re conducting dynamic movement assessments, ergonomic evaluations, or athletic performance analyses, you have the knowledge you need at your fingertips.

Technical Support: dorsaVi provides dedicated technical support to assist with any issues or questions that may arise. Our team of experts is available via phone and email, offering prompt and efficient help to resolve technical challenges, ensuring minimal downtime and optimal use of our technology. This includes assistance with our advanced sensing technologies, pressure sensors, and temperature sensors.

Ongoing Assistance: Beyond initial training and technical support, we offer ongoing assistance to help users stay updated with the latest advancements in our technology and methodologies. This includes access to webinars, workshops, and continuous education opportunities, enabling users to continually enhance their skills and knowledge in movement analysis, biomechanics, and the effective application of dorsaVi solutions in their respective fields.

By providing comprehensive support and training, dorsaVi ensures that users can confidently and effectively utilize our developed wearable sensors and software solutions to achieve their objectives, whether it’s improving patient outcomes, enhancing athletic performance, or ensuring workplace safety and ergonomics through real-time monitoring and long-term data analysis.

Starting with dorsaVi’s innovative wearable sensor technology is made effortless through our website, where you can initiate contact by requesting a demo or using our contact form. This first step opens a direct line to our knowledgeable team, ready to discuss the transformative potential of dorsaVi in your specific context. Tailoring our movement assessment tools and ergonomic sensors, including pressure sensors and temperature sensors, to your needs, we aim to empower users across healthcare, athletics, and workplace ergonomics. Whether your focus is on refining athlete movement assessment, deploying office sensors for better ergonomics, or utilizing advanced sensing technologies for workplace safety, our goal is to ensure that dorsaVi’s technology becomes a pivotal part of your strategy for optimizing performance, safety, and health outcomes. Experience the benefits of real-time monitoring, detailed movement analysis, and long-term data insights with dorsaVi’s developed wearable sensors and software solutions.


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